Passport Required? Visa Required? Return Ticket Required?
British Yes 1/3 Yes
Australian Yes 2/3 Yes
Canadian Yes 2/3 Yes
USA 1 2/3 Yes
OtherEU Yes 1/3 Yes
Japanese Yes 2/3 Yes


Note: No brief account of the complex Mexican Passport/Visa regulations is likely to be fully successful. Visitors are advised to use the following for general guidance, but to check on the requirements that specifically apply to them with the appropriate Consulate (or Consular section at Embassy) before travelling. Non-compliance with visa regulations will result in fines and transportation (at the carrier's expense) to the visitor's country of origin.

PASSPORTS: Passport valid for at least 1 year after date of entry is required by all except the following:
(a) 1. nationals of the USA holding a certified copy of a birth certificate and photo identification (eg driver's licence or student ID).

TOURIST CARDS: Available only to people entering Mexico on holiday, for reasons of health, or to engage in scientific, artistic or sporting activities which are neither remunerative nor lucrative. Valid for the holder only. Other persons (including minors) travelling on the same passport must have their own card. The card is a single-entry document and is issued free of charge. The Consular office retains the right to request further evidence of the applicant's intention to visit Mexico as a tourist whenever such intention has not been established to the Consul's satisfaction. The same right applies with regard to evidence of the applicant's financial means to sustain him/herself while in Mexico.

(a) Visitors eligible for Tourist Cards (see below) can be issued with Tourist Cards by any Mexican Consulate, on board the plane or at the point of entry in Mexico.
(b) Tourist Cards must be kept by the visitor during the entire length of stay as they will have to be presented and stamped on leaving.

Nationals of the following countries are eligible for a Tourist card:
(a) 1. EU countries for stays of up to 180 days (except nationals of Austria, France, Greece and Luxembourg who can stay for up to 90 days);
(b) 2. Australia, Canada, Japan and the USA for stays of up to 180 days;
(c) Andorra, Argentina, Bermuda, Chile, Costa Rica, Hungary, Iceland, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, San Marino, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland and Uruguay for stays of up to 180 days;
(d) Czech Republic, Israel, Monaco and Poland for up to 90 days;
(e) Korea (Rep. of) for up to 60 days;
(f) Brazil and Venezuela for up to 30 days.
For requirements and regulations relevant to other nationalities, contact the Mexican Embassy.

Application to: Consulate (or Consular section at Embassy); see address section.

Application requirements:
Tourist Cards:
(a) Passport with a minimum of 6 months' validity.
(b) If applying by post, a covering letter giving dates of entry and departure. Postal applications must be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope for recorded or registered delivery.
(c) Return or onward ticket.
(d) Proof of sufficient funds if staying for up to 6 months.

Note: In some cases a personal application may be required.

Cost: Tourist Cards are issued free of charge.

VISAS: Required by all except holders of a Tourist Card or visa-replacing document. Nationals of the following countries require a special authorisation from the Ministry of the Interior in Mexico: Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia, China (PR), Croatia, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, India, Jordan, Korea (DPR), Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam. Authorisation takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

Application requirements:
Tourist Visa:
(a) Passport with minimum of 6 months' validity.
(b) Application form.
(c) 1 passport-size photo.
(d) Original return ticket.
(e) Fee (payable in cash only).
(f) Proof of sufficient funds (US$50 per day) to cover length of stay.
(g) Postal applications must be accompanied by a covering letter specifying the purpose of the trip and the dates of entry and departure. Applications should be made in a stamped, self-addressed envelope with recorded or registered delivery.

Business Visitors Card:
(a)-(b) and, (c) 2 passport-size photos.
(d) Letter from applicant's employer accepting financial responsibility to cover the applicant's stay, which also states the nature of business to be undertaken and the name and address of the business contact(s) in Mexico. For visits of more than 30 days, a multiple-entry card is needed, as well as a letter from the local Chamber of Commerce (or Department of Trade and Industry) confirming the sponsoring company is a member of either body.
(e) Fee (payable in cash, postal order or company cheque).
(f) Postal applications must be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope with recorded delivery.

Note: If intending to undertake business or work of a technical or scientific nature, normal visa regulations do not apply, and it is necessary to obtain a Visitors Card. It is vital to contact the local Mexican consular representative well in advance of the intended date of departure in order to secure the necessary authorisation (see address section). Non-British Nationals seeking to visit Mexico on business are advised to check with the Consulate regarding visa requirements and fees.

Application to: Consulate (or Consular section at Embassy); see address section.

Business Visitor's Card: 69.10 (non-lucrative) or 112.30 (lucrative). Visa prices fluctuate according to the exchange rate.
Working days required: 2 (in person); 1 week (by post). Applications should not be made more than 3 months before date of departure.
Temporary residence: Application should be made to the Mexican Home Office with proof of sufficient funds (US$50 per day) to cover length of stay without working. Contact the Consulate (or Consular section at the Embassy) for further details.


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