Most Mexicans eat the following three meals each day:

  1. Breakfast: This meal is normally served between 7:00 A.M. and 8:30 A.M. For many families, breakfast is quick and casual. Coffee, cereal, quesadillas, tamales, are often found on Mexican breakfast tables.
  2. Lunch: Most Mexicans have lunch between 2 and 4 p.m. Lunch is traditionally the big meal of the day. On school days, you will take a "bagged lunch" to school with you. Many students like to prepare their own lunches. If you wish to do this, suggest it to your host parents. They will probably appreciate your help.
  3. Supper: This is usually a light, late meal in Mexico. Sushi is also becoming a very popular food with the Mexicans living in Monclova.

You should tell your host if you are hungry. If you do not accept something to eat or drink the first time it is offered, your host will probably assume you do not want anything. Mexican food can be quite spicy, or sometimes it is mild, with optional hot sauces available. If you prefer mild food, please specify it on the application form. Your hosts want you to enjoy your meals, but they will not know your preferences unless you tell them. If you feel uncomfortable discussing this with your hosts, mention it to a member of the IESC Spanish School. We will find a tactful way to bring it to the attention of your host family. Also, be sure to indicate foods you dislike or are allergic to when you complete your APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION.